Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Wedding Glossary Pt. VI

Is your brain full yet? Here's Pt. VI of our comprehensive wedding glossary:

A decorative mesh of interlaced threadwork that is plaited, knotted, looped and turned to make either simple or complicated patterns and raised work. Alencon, Chantilly, Spanish and Venise are just a few of the many lacework types available.

An icing adornment on a wedding cake that zigzags. It is often made of gum paste or other forms of wedding cake icing.

Maid Of Honor
Known as the chief bridesmaid in some countries, she is the last bridesmaid to walk down the aisle before the bride herself. If the couple are exchanging wedding rings, then it is her duty to hold the ring destined for the groom, and hand it over to the bride at the right time, as the best man does in reverse. She will also hold onto the bouquets during the vows, and see that the bride's dress is properly turned out.

Man Of Honor
Some brides prefer to have a male friend attending to the duties of the maid of honor. If so, this is his title.

This is a Spanish word literally meaning "little cloak." It is a lace or tulle shawl that the bride can wear around her head and shoulders.

Made of sugar, egg whites and almonds, this substance can be used as a base for icing, or to mold decorative forms such as flowers from, on the wedding cake.

Matron Of Honor
This is the proper title given where the maid of honor is herself married.

This abbreviation stands for maid / man / matron of honor. See entries on wedding attendants.

Nosegay (bouquet)
See Posies.

This is the name of a specialist hard foam used by florists in bouquet holders or vases. Holes are made in it for the flower stems to fit into, as an oasis (as its name suggests) will preserve water for a long time. This will naturally allow for fresher looking flowers at the wedding.

This is the cleric or secular wedding official that carries out the ceremony. For non religious weddings, he or she might be a justice of the peace, magistrate or even the Captain of a ship (when onboard).

Pageant Bouquet
See Presentation (bouquet).

Pages or Page Boys
These are small children (usually boys) who follow the bride down the aisle carrying some of her train. They can also be known as train bearers. (See Train).

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