Saturday, 17 January 2009

Selling A Wedding Gown

There are lots of ways to sell your wedding dress after your wedding is over... if selling your dress is what you want to do. Many brides can't imagine selling their wedding gowns, until it's seven months after the wedding and they're moving into a new apartment with tiny closets! If you're not sure what you want to do with your precious wedding gown, have it professionally cleaned and put it away for a few months. After the glow of newlywed life fades a little, you may be surprised how sensible selling your wedding dress seems.

There are many consignment shops and secondhand shops that you can take your dress to. If it is one of the latest styles or a designer wedding gown, it won't last a day on the racks. You can also place an ad in the newspaper or in a local trade magazine. Some post offices and supermarkets will allow people to place items for sale on their bulletin boards. Even local daycare centers often have bulletin boards that you can advertise on.

Another way to sell your wedding dress is on the Internet. You can either post an ad on a local web site (like Craiglist) or look for a web site that sells used wedding dresses (like You will sometimes have to pay them a fee for listing your wedding gown. eBay is another very popular method of selling things, but you won't get much for your gown there because there is so much traffic from custom dressmakers.

If your wedding dress is taking up space in your room or sitting on your ironing board, then do consider selling it. Your life will not be over if you let go of your dress, and it's doubtful that your future daughter will want to wear an outdated wedding gown. Your marriage will not be cursed because you sold your gown. Concentrate on your marriage and not a box that will more than likely languish in the closet. If you sell your wedding gown, it will bring someone else as much happiness as it brought you.

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