Monday, 19 January 2009

Wedding Glossary Pt. V

Wow, we're almost halfway through our comprehensive wedding glossary! Hopefully, you're finding it helpful to get a handle on the jargon that wedding vendors and other wedding professionals use to confuse brides and grooms who aren't already wedding experts. Never fear! By the time you've worked your way through our great glossary, you'll BE a wedding expert.

Here's Pt. V:

Gum Paste
This is a mixture of sugar, starch, and gelatin used to decorate wedding cakes. It's what many of those realistic looking flowers, fruits and ribbons are made of. Note that it doesn't taste particularly nice.

Half Crown
An ornate headpiece for the bride that lies between a crown and tiara in size and weight.

These are the male friends and family of the groom at a Muslim wedding.

Honor Attendants
The best man (or woman) and the maid (or matron or man) of honor. You can have no honor attendants or all honor attendants in your wedding party.

A dance at a Jewish wedding where the bride and groom are lifted high on chairs. This is seen in movies a lot.

A flower bedecked canopy that is an essential part of a Jewish wedding.

This is an extremely dramatic and artistic form of flower arranging that originated in Japan, but is now popular all over the world and often seen at weddings.

Imam Zamin
This is a good luck tradition at a Muslim wedding in which the mother of the bride ties a coin that is wrapped in silk around her daughter's arm.

Juliet Cap
This is a close fitting cap that is often decorated with precious stones and is sometimes worn as a bride's headpiece. Not at all common.

In Jewish weddings, this is the wedding contract between the bride and groom. It is usually highly decorated and often framed and put on a wall in the couple's home.

This is the title of the best man in Eastern Orthodox Christian weddings.

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