Sunday, 25 January 2009

Out of Town Wedding Guests

Nowadays, it's unusual for a bride or groom to live in the town or city where their parents, relatives, and friends live. You might have some family nearby and some family in a different country, while your friends are spread out throughout the nation. That means that at least some of your wedding guests will be traveling to attend your wedding ceremony and reception.

We've put together a list of tips that will help you make out of town wedding guests more comfortable. While you don't have to arrange everything for your out of town wedding guests, you can make it easier for them to make it to your wedding!

Hotels and Accommodations
Choose an affordable hotel located near the site of the wedding ceremony or reception. Out of town wedding guests will then have an easy time finding their way to the big event. Out of town wedding guests are sure to appreciate amenities included in their stay, such as pool use, a complimentary breakfast, and free Internet access. A hotel is also a refuge from all the wedding activities and can be a place of relaxation. Make sure the one you choose is quiet and well managed.

Eating is something that can be fun when your out of town wedding guests travel to your locale, but as they flip through the local directory they might be overwhelmed by the large number of options. One useful item for out of town wedding guests is a list of local restaurants that you enjoy, including a general description of food and menu prices. Choose low to mid level restaurants and consider providing coupons to any local favorites. Also, if you know there will be vegetarians, vegans, or gluten intolerant guests at your wedding, include some appropriate restaurants on your list.

Providing out of town wedding guests with telephone numbers of car rental companies can help save them time and frustration. Some companies give coupons for groups traveling to a celebration, so consider talking to the company prior to the event. And don't forget about public transportation! Providing bus, cab, train, and subway information can save time and money for wedding guests. Finally, if many guests are staying in one hotel, consider arranging a hotel shuttle to and from your wedding.

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