Sunday, 18 January 2009

Last Minute Wedding Details

As tempting as it is to assume that everything is taken care of in the two weeks before your wedding, you can't rely on older confirmations from your wedding vendors. For all you know, your details have gotten lost on a messy desk somewhere or your florist has come down with a case of the flu.

Better safe than sorry, we always say here at Smart Wedding Planning! If you confirm your last minute wedding details with each and every one of your vendors, you can be 99.9% sure they will show up at your wedding ceremony or wedding reception on time. Here are just some of the details you should confirm before taking a much needed pre-wedding break:

Wedding Limo Company: Confirm pick up time, location & directions.

Wedding Florist: Confirm flower order, drop off time and discuss any last minute details.

Caterer: Confirm head counts and any last minute details.

Wedding DJ or Wedding Band: Confirm, time, location and special song selections for special dances.

Baker or Cake Designer: Confirm cake order, drop-off time & location.

Photographer: Confirm start time and location.

Videographer: Confirm start time and location.

Officiant: Confirm rehearsal time and marriage license.

Organist or Ceremony Musicians: Confirm music selections.

Honeymoon: Confirm reservations with your travel agent.

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