Saturday, 24 January 2009

Jewish Wedding Traditions

Cultural wedding traditions are truly wonderful! The best part about cultural wedding traditions is that anyone can integrate them into their nuptials, whether or not they belong to a particular culture or religious group. However, that said, many cultural wedding traditions require that brides and grooms go above and beyond the usual wedding planning checklist! Here, for example, is just part of a Jewish wedding planning checklist that defines all the essential elements of a Jewish wedding:

__Announce your engagement to local newspapers

__Select the appropriate date as certain wedding dates are off-limits as per Jewish law

__Choose an ideal location for your Jewish wedding ceremony and reception

__Send the save-the-date cards

__Decide on a caterer

__Book a photographer and a videographer

__Select a rabbi or cantor to preside over your Jewish wedding

__Check if the bride needs to cover her shoulders or the groom needs a white ceremonial robe called a kittel

__Order the wedding dress and veil

__Choose attendants

__Select a florist

__Compose the guest list

__Book musicians for the wedding ceremony and disc jockey or band for the reception.

__Order your wedding cake

__Order thank-you notes with wedding cards

__Order Kippahs and benchers

__Purchase attire for the groom

__Select a Ketubah for your Jewish wedding

__Choose gifts for bridal side

__Reserve hotel rooms for people coming from out of the town

__Prepare a guest book

__Choose your reception dinner menu

__Decide who will hold the Chuppah and read the seven wedding blessings

__Select appropriate chairs for the bride and the groom

__Arrange Jewish wedding ceremony details using rabbi and/or cantor.

__Mail invitations and design the program

__Obtain a marriage license

__Buy wedding bands

__Workout plans to contribute your wedding dress as offerings, if desired.

__Wrap neatly the wine glass for breaking

__Organize candy for aufruf.

__Ask one of your best friends to handle the ritual elements Ketubah, Chuppah, Kiddush cups, wedding rings, and glass for breaking

__Confirm the seating, and study the Jewish wedding processionals and seating rituals.

__Begin fasting to purify yourself at sunset, only if you desire.

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