Saturday, 20 December 2008

Wedding Invitation Timelines

Carrie wrote to ask:

When should I send out my wedding invitations? My mom says I should wait until just six weeks before, but my fiance thinks we should send them out as soon as possible so people have plenty of time to make travel arrangements. Did I mention that we're getting married in a city far away from where most of our friends and family live? People will need to get hotel rooms and travel by air, so I understand his concerns.

Well, Carrie, it sounds like you need save-the-date cards. You didn't say how soon your wedding actually is, but if it's more than two months away, then definitely look into these useful pieces of wedding stationery. If you do opt to send save-the-date cards (at least to those guests who must travel a long way) prepare and send them out ASAP. If you've arranged for hotel discounts, include any pertinent information on the cards.

As far as your wedding invitations go, your mom is right. Wait until about six weeks before sending those out.

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