Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Wedding Glossary Pt. II

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Many brides-to-be begin planning their weddings thinking it will be as easy as planning any other party. If only it were! When you're dealing with wedding vendors, special clothing like wedding gowns, and multiple guests of honor, things are bound to get complicated. Because we like to think of ourselves a premier wedding planning resource, we decided that it's time we got back to basics. To help brides-to-be (and grooms-to-be) who are feeling a little overwhelmed by all the wedding wisdom out there, we put together a comprehensive wedding glossary. This is Part II:

Bridal Procession
This is the march undertaken by wedding attendants (bridesmaids and groomsmen), the groom, the bride, and anyone else participating in the wedding ceremony. Typically, music is played during the processional, and it is followed by the recessional.

These are the gals who are good friends with the bride, supporting her emotionally both before and on her big day. They may pay for their own dresses or not, and some bridesmaids are even given the freedom to pick out their own dresses.

A self service style of meal at a wedding reception, where the food and drinks are presented on a long table, or a series of tables, and the guests collect a plate and help themselves whenever they wish (queues permitting). A buffet is usually the most affordable option as considerably less waiters are needed (if any), but the costs can rise as less control over food portions can be exercised.

A soft and creamy butter-based icing that can be colored, flavored and used for decoration or filling for a wedding cake

This is an ornate highly stylized form of handwriting seen on expensive wedding invitations and on other wedding stationery.

Candle Lighters
These are children (hopefully responsible ones) who light candles at the altar when the bride's mother (who is the official hostess of the ceremony) takes her seat. Sometimes the flower girl or ring bearer will fulfill this role.

Cascade (bouquet)
A type of bridal bouquet that begins as a wide gathering of flowers and then tapers down as it arches toward the floor. It may be almost floor length or just over a few feet long.

Cathedral (veil)
The longest of veils, this is three and a half yards in length.

This is the name for a length of bridal veil that will reach the floor, extending two and a half yards from the headpiece.

Chief Bridesmaid
See Maid Of Honor.

See Pillars.

A bridal headpiece attached to the bride's hair with teeth like a comb. May be as ornate as the bride wishes it to be and can be used to anchor the veil.

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