Friday, 19 December 2008

Bridal Weight Loss Tips

Feeling flabby? Here are eight great bridal weight loss tips that will help you shape up before you don your wedding dress:

1. Work out with your future husband or wife. Pumping iron alone can be boring -- it's way more fun when you have a partner. This way, you'll both look your best on your wedding day.

2. Stop eating so much sugar. Even if you're not big on desserts or sweets, incidental sugars like the sugar in your morning coffee can add up fast.

3. Lift weights! We promise you won't bulk up and look like Aaaaahnold. You will, however, get firm and tight.

4. Walking is exercise, too. You don't have to break a sweat and do hundreds of reps to lose a little weight or tighten your butt before the wedding. Just make an effort to walk instead of driving a couple of times a week.

5. Forget dieting -- depriving yourself isn't going to help your wedding planning stress levels. Just drink plenty of water and eat plenty of healthy foods. This is great for your skin, too!

6. Start a fitness journal. This can be anything from a food diary to a motivational collection of workouts from magazines. Whatever helps you make working out and eating right a part of your life!

7. Set reasonably pre-wedding fitness goals. Don't buy a wedding gown that's three sizes too small or starve yourself. Plan on making life changes, not taking temporary drastic action.

8. Play! Exercise doesn't have to be boring. Join a soccer team, take a dance class, or run around with your nieces and nephews. It all burns calories and gets those muscles pumping!

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