Sunday, 28 December 2008

Wedding Corsages

Ah, the wedding corsage! When you're choosing your wedding flowers, it's easy to overlook these small tokens most often given to the mothers and grandmothers of both the bride and groom. Corsages are small groupings of flowers mounted on pins or on a wrist band, and corsages are an easy way to honor your female relatives who are not otherwise participating in the wedding.

Choosing corsages for the MOB and others isn't always easy... should you coordinate the corsages with your bridal bouquet? With the wedding colors? With the dresses your bridesmaids are wearing? How much should you budget for wedding corsages? Don't worry -- we're here to help! Smart Wedding Planning has put together a helpful list of tips that will guide you as you ready yourself to buy corsages.

  • The price of corsages can range anywhere from $15.00 to $30.00 or more, depending on the size and type of flowers. If you are on a budget, stay with a simple corsage. You can also DIY if you have the time.
  • Be careful not to make the corsage so elaborate that it becomes large and heavy. Today, there are many delicate fabrics, such as silk, that can not withstand the weight of a heavy corsage mounted on a pin. In most cases, when it comes to corsages smaller is better.
  • Corsages can be worn in many different ways. They can be pinned to the dress, attached to a purse, or worn around the wrist. It's a good idea to ask the person who will be wearing the corsage which style they prefer to wear. You might also ask about the color of their dress in order to help you choose flowers for the corsage that best compliments their wedding attire. Then, give all this information to your florist.
  • A great alternative to the corsage (and cost effective, too) is to give that special person a single rose or very small bouquet tied with tulle and ribbon. The hand held flower or bouquet looks great in the wedding pictures and when the mothers are escorted down the aisle.
  • Corsages are meant to designate special family members. However, you may also give corsages to special friends or those participating in your wedding ceremony, such as your readers, your soloist, or your musicians.

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