Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Wedding Glossary Pt. I

Every wedding is different, which means that brides-to-be who are planning weddings have a lot to learn. You can't just rely on a template that you find in a bridal magazine or a wedding web site. To make your wedding your own, you have to learn the ins and outs of wedding planning until you could beat Martha Stewart at Wedding Jeopardy!

Luckily, we're here to help you better understand the basics of wedding planning. While it's not always easy to keep everything straight, starting with the basic wedding terminology can mean the difference between a stress-free wedding and a chaotic one.

Here's Part I of our comprehensive wedding glossary:

This is a wide type of necktie that is reserved for the most formal of daytime weddings and occasions. It is worn with a gray cutaway (morning) coat that is longer in the back than at the front and gray striped trousers.

This is a highly decorated comb that sits on the back of a bride's head and is used for attaching her veil.

Ballet (veil)
Also known as a waltz, this is a veil length that drops below the bride's knees, but above her ankles.

Ballet (hemline)
A hemline that falls just above the ankles.

Basket Weave
A type of decorative piping on the wedding cake which features interlinked horizontal and vertical lines of icing.

Best Man
The best man will have numerous duties, the most important of which is to keep the bride's ring safe until it's time for the vows, when he hands it to the groom for putting on her finger. His other duties include announcing speeches at the reception and making his own. He will also sign the marriage license, and make sure the groom gets to the wedding.

A type of posy (bridal bouquet) where the flowers are arranged in rings according to their color. (See posies).

Blusher (veil)
A short, single layered veil that covers the bride's face before the ceremony.

This is an Italian word which is sometimes used to refer to wedding favors. (See wedding favors).

This is a single flower or flower bud or a small group of flowers or buds that is worn by the groom, best man, ushers, and the male relatives of the bride and groom. It is worn on the left (over the heart) lapel of their jackets.

Bow Tie
The most popular choice of tie to wear with a tuxedo. May also be known as a "dickey bow."

Bridal Bouquet or Bride's Bouquet
The bunch of flowers given by the groom to his bride, or the gathered flowers carried by the bride during the ceremony.

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