Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Responsibilities of the Groom

Just a reminder: It's guy week here at Smart Wedding Planning, and very few guys understand just what it is they are getting into when they propose to their sweethearts. While there are still some dudes out there who believe that all the groom has to do is show up to the wedding, the truth is that the responsibilities of the groom are many and varied. Grooms, after all, have their own responsibilities in addition to helping the bride do everything from choosing a reception site to picking a cake to writing up a guest list!

What are the groom's solo responsibilities?
  • Plan the honeymoon...if the bride would like you to. Some brides would prefer to be involved in planning the honeymoon, and we recommend that their grooms let them!
  • Buy a gift for your bride if you're exchanging gifts.
  • Arrange transportation for the wedding party on the big day. Be sure to ask your bride how many people will need to be included.
  • Write your toast or speech for the wedding reception if you fancy the idea of talking in front of a crowd. If not, let other people do the toasting.
  • Choose your best man, groomsmen, and ushers.
  • Decide whether you want to station yourself at the altar before the ceremony or if you'd like to be escorted down the aisle with your parents.
  • Review the best man's responsibilities with him.
  • Tell your best man what kind of a bachelor party you want so he can plan it accordingly.
  • Select groomsmen gifts.
  • Arrange for your best man to pay the celebrant and musicians and tip those who will receive gratuitites.
  • Ask one of your groomsmen to take care of the wedding gifts and cards at the reception, load them into his car, and drop them at your home later.
  • Select the men's formal wear. Be sure to consult with the bride because she may want to coordinate the menswear and the ladieswear.
  • Arrange a time for fittings for you and your groomsmen.
  • Choose boutonni√®res that coordinate with the ladies' bouquets.
Other than that, the groom should be involved in whatever else interests him while also helping the bride with whatever she needs help with. Good luck, grooms!

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