Sunday, 26 October 2008

Choosing the Right Tuxedo Pt. II

It's guy week here at Smart Wedding Planning, and one of the few responsibilities that most grooms-to-be have to shoulder is choosing a tux. In fact, in some cases, that's all the future groom has to do before the wedding! Read on to learn more about choosing a tuxedo -- and if you're the bride-to-be, pass this post on to your husband-to-be!

Tuxedos and Body Type
Guys sure have it easy, right? Wrong -- when it comes to buying (or renting) formal clothes, they have as much to think about as the ladies. You can't just throw on any old tuxedo and think it's going to make you look like James Bond, even if it does have a shawl lapel. Different tuxedos compliment different body types, which means that you should get a handle on your "type" before you show up at the menswear shop. Choosing your tuxedo is all about looking your best. After all, your bride is going to look beautiful...shouldn't you look just as handsome?

If you're short and slender:
  • Look for single-breasted jackets with long lines, a low button stance (it elongates the body) and wide peak lapels.
  • Other stylish options include wearing a double-breasted tuxedo jacket or subtly patterned vest and tie.
  • Selecting the right pant style is key, too. Reverse double-pleated pant leg should always break slightly on top of the shoe and angle a bit downward in the back.
If you're short and stocky:
  • You may look best in tuxedo jackets with slim shawl collars.
  • The top button should fall at the small of the waist to give the torso a leaner look.
  • Choose jackets with a natural shoulder line and avoid the more broad European styles.
  • When it comes to pants, reverse double-pleated trousers with pleats extending toward the pockets tend to offer the best comfort and style. Pants should extend as low as possible on the foot, angled slightly in the back to elongate the leg. Be sure to avoid too much of a break on the foot, otherwise the pant leg will look sloppy.
If you're tall and husky:
  • You may look best in shawl collar tuxedos.
  • Jacket length is especially important. To determine a good fit, groom should place his arms at his sides and relax hands and fingers. His fingertips should touch the bottom of the jacket and his shirt cuffs should extend at least half an inch beyond the jacket sleeve.
  • The construction of the jacket may need to be a bit loose to provide ease of movement.
  • Also, grooms with thick necks and wide faces should avoid ties that are too narrow and wing tip collars that look constrictive. Instead, opt for lay-down collars and fuller bow ties.
  • And the pant leg should have a slightly wider silhouette to accommodate muscular thighs.
If you're tall and slim:
  • You will look well in just about every tuxedo style. An especially good choice is a double-breasted tuxedo with slightly broad shoulders and a suppressed waist.
  • Jacket buttons closed up high on the waistline look especially good, and a high shoulder line is better than a natural one.
  • Garments should be full, while still following the lines of the body, and trousers should also have a higher-rise with more of a break in the pant.
  • This figure type can easily wear vests and ties in colors and patterns.

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