Monday, 27 October 2008

Choosing the Right Tuxedo Pt. III

Just a reminder: It's guy week here at Smart Wedding Planning, and one of the few responsibilities that most grooms-to-be have to shoulder is choosing a tux. In fact, in some cases, that's all the future groom has to do before the wedding! Read on to learn more about choosing a tuxedo -- and if you're the bride-to-be, pass this post on to your husband-to-be!

Things to Think About
Even if you're usually a jeans and t-shirts kind of dude, you're probably going to think about fashion at some point before your wedding day. In fact, you may find that you're way more style conscious than you've ever been before because you are so desperate to look your best! We've put together a primer for those guys who know nothing about menswear or formalwear, so you don't end up knocked on your rear when you get to the tux shop.

The basic tuxedo -- and the one favored by most guys because it works on a variety of body types -- is the three-button tux. Classic black is always in style, so if you want to wear white or brown...or, goodness forbid, blue...check with your intended before reserving or buying anything. No matter what you look like, you'll be seen as crisp, cool, and classy in a great tux or suit.

When it comes to shirts, you can't beat micro-fiber. Even though these shirts are man-made, they feel as light and as silky as more expensive natural fabrics. Stay away from polyester, even if it's cheap, because it will be scratchy and trap air, leading to sweaty pits. Micro-fiber is revolutionary when you compare it to the synthetic fibers of days gone by.

Oh, and another thing: White is still best. Failing that, opt for ivory. Really, it depends on what kind of wedding gown the bride is wearing -- if she's in white, go for white, and if she's in any kind of off-white gown, choose an ivory shirt. The one exception to this rule is colored shirts that match the bridesmaids' dresses. Some couples outfit the groom and the groomsmen in shirts that are in keeping with the wedding color scheme.

Finally, when it comes to accessories, chuck the cummerbund. Those are for prom kings and waiters. Vests are hot right now, though we'd suggest that you shy away from those featuring cartoon characters or sports logos unless your bride-to-be is as much of a fan as you are. If you must wear a colored vest and tie set, think silver, mocha, brown, or champagne. You should match the bridesmaids only if the color of their gowns is somewhat sedate.

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