Saturday, 25 October 2008

Choosing the Right Tuxedo Pt. I

It's guy week here at Smart Wedding Planning, and one of the few responsibilities that most grooms-to-be have to shoulder is choosing a tux. In fact, in some cases, that's all the future groom has to do before the wedding! Read on to learn more about choosing a tuxedo -- and if you're the bride-to-be, pass this post on to your husband-to-be!

Tuxedo Basics
The world of tuxedos looks way more straightforward than the world of wedding gowns until you study it more closely. There are as many types of tuxedos out there as their are styles of wedding dresses, and while they don't necessarily vary quite as much, they all have their different characteristics. Here are some basics:
  • Full Dress Tailcoat is also referred to as White Tie. Perfect for an ultra-formal evening wedding.
  • The stroller is often worn by attendants, while the groom wears a Cutaway. These are good for an ultra-formal morning wedding.
  • The Notch Lapel Tuxedo is a contemporary option appropriate for a formal wedding.
  • The Peak Lapel Tuxedo is a more traditional choice than the Notch-lapel, appropriate at any time of the day or evening.
  • There are also shawl lapels (think James Bond) and diamond lapels, which look like shawl lapels that come to a gentle point above the breastbone.
Choosing Menswear
What you decide to wear on your wedding day will depend on the time of day, the formality level of your nuptials, and the season. For a formal daytime wedding, think about a classic stroller coat with gray striped trousers, an ascot, and a white boutonnière. If yours is a formal evening wedding, switch that up to a classic black tux with a white wing or spread collar. Is formal not formal enough? For ultra-formal daytime weddings, opt for the classic gray cutaway coat with gray striped trousers, a gray vest, and no pocket square. In the evening, choose black full dress tails with a pique wing collar and a white bow tie.


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