Monday, 20 October 2008

Choosing Wedding Favors

While some brides (and even some grooms) know exactly what they want because they've had a vision of their weddings floating around in their heads forever, many don't. Consequently, doing simple things like choosing wedding favors can be a stressful, tedious, or confusing experience. If you are ready to buy your wedding favors and you have absolutely no idea what you want, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is one quality or characteristic that defines you and your intended as a couple? Fun? Whimsical? Silly? Sporty? Romantic? Traditional? Wild?
  • Do you or your intended have a favorite hobby or past time? Some examples include collecting old postcards, playing baseball, painting, baking, volunteering, etc.
  • How did you meet? Did your meeting involve a specific location or circumstance?
  • Is there some activity that you and your intended enjoy doing together?
  • What will your reception be like? Are you having a garden party, a sit-down dinner, a barbecue, or a cocktail party, perhaps?
  • Does your reception have a theme?
  • Will your wedding take place during a holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving? Or does the season play a role?

You might try designing your own wedding favors using the answers to one or more of these questions. For example, if you and your intended follow a particular sports team religiously, you can always buy favor boxes and candies in that team's colors. Maybe your intended is a Nascar fanatic -- why not give each guest a Matchbox racer in pretty organza bags? Don't think your favors have to scream wedding! The best favors are usually those that really have nothing at all to do with weddings, like gourmet cookies or artisan soaps.

Here are some favor ideas that you can easily DIY:

  • Candy tins -- personalized or not -- filled with traditional candy like Jordan almonds, chocolate kisses or mints
  • Favor boxes filled with goodies you made yourself like cookies, toffee, or simple chocolates
  • Personalized CDs filled with your favorite songs or some of the music played at the wedding
  • Votive candles in glass cups -- get them from the Dollar store or Target if you want to save cash

If you want wedding favors that are truly unique, take the time to develop your ideas and make your favors your own. You'll save money, and more importantly, the personal touch will show your guests that you took the extra time and effort to personally thank them for being a part of your special day.

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