Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Bridal Footwear

Bridal stiletto boots? Clear plastic bridal stripper shoes? Leopard print bridal sneakers? If you're thinking that the only wedding shoe options out there are dyeable white pumps, then you haven't been doing your research! Whether you want flats or high, high heels, there's something out there for everyone. Here are some of the common choices that brides-to-be consider before settling on their bridal footwear:

Wedding pumps
The most popular choice, bridal pumps range from plain to elaborate, with everything from basic heels to pointy, strappy, sparkly heels. If this is the option that appeals to you most, you'll have plenty to choose from because everyone from no-name brands to high-end designers carry their own white pumps.

Wedding flats
Your options are limited here if white is your preference. Most of the wedding flats are modified ballet shoes. If, however, you aren't averse to the idea of wearing sequins, black velvet, electric purple silk, or some other unique shoe, the sky is the limit. Any shoe store should be able to give you an idea of what's out there, and don't forget to check out online shoe stores as well!

Wedding boots
We're not talking specifically about white cowboy boots, though that's certainly one option. Wedding boots can be anything from western-style lace-up boots that look vintage but aren't to funky modern boots that just happen to come in white. If you're okay with black soles, you'll have even more boots to choose from.

Wedding flip flops
Talk about comfy! Bridal flip flops range from casual to formal, though they usually don't stand up to the black tie test. These are a great option for whimsical, fun brides-to-be who are more interested in having a good time than impressing anyone with shoes they probably won't see anyway. Our favorites -- Tracey Asai flip flops -- are one of the few wedding flip flops that look as good as they feel!

Wedding sneakers
Sneakers (or trainers as they're called in some places) are one of the most comfortable options, but also one of the least formal options. The brides-to-be who go the sneaker route are usually either sure that no one is going to see their shoes or actively trying to make a statement. We've seen pictures of entire bridal parties in Converse sneakers or other cool shoes, and they always look fab.

Good luck choosing your bridal shoes, and remember, it's your day, so wear whatever shoes you want!

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