Sunday, 8 February 2009

Wedding Risk Management Pt. I

So you have your wedding insurance, but that doesn't mean you're entirely protected! First, you need to ensure that you have solid vendor contracts you can turn to if any of your wedding vendors fail to provide the services you've reserved. Then, you need to look into a little something called general liability coverage.

General liability insurance offers protection against claims involving bodily injury or property damage related to your wedding. Think nothing can happen? Think again! Basically, if anyone at your wedding gets hurt or some part of your reception venue is damaged during the wedding, there is nothing to prevent others from seeking monetary reimbursement from YOU.

If you currently have homeowners or renters insurance, you can obtain a one day umbrella policy under your homeowner or renter insurance policy that will cover the day of your wedding. Depending on your insurance carrier, there may or may not be an additional fee for this policy. If you do not already have insurance, you can obtain a one day special event insurance policy through Fireman's Fund or WedSafe. The premiums range from $150 to $300 and, like wedding insurance, you will pay a one-time premium.

How important is this type of coverage? Joyce Scardina Becker, certified wedding planner, owner of Events of Distinction (, and Director of the Wedding Consultant Certificate Program California State University East Bay, thinks that it is extremely important to protect yourself.

"Weddings today have the potential for negligent activity that unfortunately can lead to long and costly litigation due to our litigious society," she says. "As the number of professionally managed weddings has increased, so has the concern for risk management. Gone are the days of doing business with a handshake. The importance of legal compliance such as signing written contracts and securing proper permits, insurance and licenses are a must."

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