Monday, 2 February 2009

Cheap Wedding Gift Ideas

With the economy being what it is, it's no wonder that everyone from brides and grooms to wedding guests are scaling back when it comes to spending money. That means that newlyweds can't expect to get as many wedding gifts as they might have gotten in days past, and wedding guests won't be spending as much as wedding gifts as they did, say, ten years ago. But as we all know, money isn't everything! You can get great inexpensive wedding gifts that are useful and beautiful.

Here are three wonderful, meaningful wedding gift ideas that are based on wedding gifts employees at Smart Wedding Planning received:

A Simple Note
Kim said: "After all of the adrenaline from the day faded, I truly enjoyed the lovely thoughts that people had imparted in their cards to me and my husband. Some offered tried and true advice on marriage. Others related some inside jokes from high school and college which I am sure will completely perplex us 10 years from now, but which reminded us of our special bonds with these particular guests."

An Invitation to My Own Wedding
Jackie said: "One guest who gave us our invitation back. Only she had matted it and painted a beautiful design around it that meshed so well with the invitation's colors." If you are not skilled with a framing kit, you can always take the invitation to a framer who will do the trick for you.

Lend Me a Tenor or a Calligrapher
Mike said: "We had a DIY wedding, and most of our wedding vendors were our friends and relatives! My mom cooked all the food for our rehearsal dinner, and my dad's college friends who get together to jam were our wedding reception band. A bunch of my wife's girlfriends created the bridal bouquets and floral arrangements. It was all beautiful, and I swear you wouldn't know that we didn't hire professionals. All that help was the best gift we could have gotten."

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