Saturday, 14 February 2009

Red Wedding Favors

In honor of Valentine's Day, we have compiled a list of five of our absolute favorite red wedding favors. If you're not one of the many brides who have chosen some shade of red or pink as their wedding colors, these wedding favors may inspire you to find similar gifts for guests that match your chosen color scheme.

"Chinese Tapestry" votive candles are a beautiful accent for your wedding reception or bridal shower tables, adding a sophisticated touch to any Asian-themed (or red hued) event.

Personalized wedding mints are a chic and practical wedding favor that almost all of your guests will appreciate.

Two darling red-and-black ladybug magnets have sweet, smiling faces and tiny, black hearts on their plump, red backs. These wedding favors compliment a number of different wedding themes, from ladybugs to red and black color schemes.

Charming snow cone bath salts look like festive and colorful red and white edible cone desserts, but they actually hold skin softening salts that are guaranteed to help wedding guests relax after a long day.

Practical and whimsical, these exquisite apple themed salt and pepper shakers add an amusing touch to your guests’ kitchen tables. While these are wonderful for fall weddings, they make a great wedding favor all year long.

Enjoy, and happy shopping! One of the most fun parts of wedding planning is shopping for wedding favors, so take your time and let your true self shine through in your gifts for guests.

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