Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Save Money On a Wedding Dress

When your wedding budget it tight, shopping for a wedding gown can be a less than pleasant experience. If the dresses you truly love are priced so as to be available to only the most well-to-do brides, you're going to feel disappointed and maybe even a little angry. After all, everything from wedding movies to wedding magazines has been telling you that you deserve the perfect fairy tale wedding dress.

The reality is, however, that real life often gets in the way of even the most well-established bridal fantasies. You, the bride-to-be, have to work within the realms of your wedding budget even when it comes to your wedding gown. Don't think that means that you have to give up your dream of looking like a princess or wear a shapeless sack! No way! Having a tight budget just means you have to be a little more clever than other brides.

When it comes time to shop for your wedding gown, don't forget to factor in the cost of your:

- Headpiece and/or veil
- Jewelry
- Shoes
- Lingerie
- Alterations
- Garter

Now, if you don't have a vision of the perfect wedding gown lurking in the back of your consciousness, you can start off by looking for wedding dresses that DON'T have lacework, hand beading, or very long trains, as these will almost always be more expensive. Plain sheaths, a-line gowns, and ball gowns will tend to be less expensive. Don't overlook the prom section of your local department store, as many carry beautiful white gowns or can order them if you request they do so.

Next, shop with an open mind. Shopping with an open mind involves trying everything in the salon. Do not eliminate any style. And even if you find a wedding gown that you detest on the hanger, you can try it on just so you can have a better idea of more unique styles and how they will look on you. Do not settle for the first wedding dress you see! Always try on many styles and when you find one you love, go home and sleep on it. If it's a one-of-a-kind wedding gown, ask a manager if he or she will set it aside for you.

Good luck!

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