Saturday, 22 November 2008

Honeymoon Cruises

What is it about honeymoons? Planning a honeymoon can be just as stressful is planning a wedding... mostly because you're planning your honeymoon smack dab in the middle of planning your wedding. Right about when you're trying to make sure that your caterer understands just what a vegetarian is, you have to decide whether to go skiing, go to Hawaii, go to Europe or stay home for a week of relaxation.

There are also hundreds of different types of cruises to choose from for those brides and grooms who are comfortable on boats. Here are some things to mull over if you think a honeymoon cruise might be in your future:

Cruising is considered one of the best vacation values, as it is almost all-inclusive. Your fare usually includes meals, your cabin, on board activities, parties and entertainment. Additional costs can include drinks, shore excursions, photographs, spa services, and of course, shopping. Expect to spend some money in port, even if you don't usually bring home souvenirs. At the very least, you'll probably want to sample the local food and drinks.

There are cruises that take you to just about everywhere. There are warm weather cruises to the Caribbean, Mexico, the Bahamas, and the Panama Canal, which are always popular. Cooler climate destinations, such as Alaska, are offered between May and September. European cruises are between April and November and to Bermuda, between April and October. You can even cruise to Antarctica between December and March!

The most affordable cruise times are non-holidays and during school sessions. However, with so many new ships and cabins to fill, there are excellent values to all destinations available year-round, including summers and holidays. You may get a better deal if you book your cruise through a travel agent, but don't be afraid to try your hand at booking your own trip if you have the time.

Finally, there is a wide selection of cruise ships to select from to suit all tastes, including size of ship, number of passengers and onboard ambiance, such as casual and casual elegance. You may choose from an intimate yacht to the latest floating resort. Some cruises even have themes, so if you love Disney or fine cuisine or reading, consider choosing a cruise that revolves around your passions.

So if you're thinking about cruising into the sunset with your new spouse, how do you choose which is the right honeymoon cruise for you? To help you make a decision, you should take into consideration the price of the cruise, the itinerary of the cruise, the size and age of the ship, the accommodations and amenities onboard, the other sorts of passengers you may encounter, the length of the cruise, and the destination.

Happy cruising!

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