Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Bridal Shower Favors

When it comes time for your bridesmaids to plan your bridal shower, slyly remind them not to forget the favors! While favors aren't strictly necessary, the people who care about you most will be happy to have some memento of your shower. The favors guests are most likely to appreciate will be those that are useful or edible. Decorative items can be nice, but they don't always gel with peoples' decor.

The following favors are sure to delight and amuse all in attendance!

Queen for a Day favors will fit right into a spa themed party. Pink and posh, these salon-quality toe separators offer your friends a regal pedicure…perfect for a poolside party. Plus, if you're the kind of gal who loves to do her toes, you can ask your maid of honor to give you the leftovers!

How about nail file favors? Perfect for pampering your fingertips while dishing about all the guys from days gone by, this whimsical nail file set is conveniently shaped like a matchbook, offering portable emery boards for everyday emergencies. Again, if you love to do your nails, remember to ask for the leftovers.

Or keep things sweet with shower gel favors. With charming personalized labels in sweet and sassy designs, these fun shower gel bottles offer a practical gift for bridal shower guests. This is yet another wedding shower favor that lends itself to leftovers.

Whatever your ladies choose, e-mail them the following link to this page about bridal showers so they don't forget anything :-)

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